Why YOU need an eyebrow stamp.

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Genetics suck! Not everyone gets beautiful and voluminous eyebrows. As you grow older, your eyebrows get thinner and thinner. It can be a huge frustration for women to get the perfect eyebrows.  But worry no more! There is a solution: The eyebrow stamp.

There multiple solutions out there, such as stencil....Read More »

How to cook Burritos with Kenstar Airfryer

Step 1
Drain the beans and place in a pressure cooker with 2, garlic and ½ chopped onion
cups water. Close the cooker and wait till you hear the first whistle in the cooker.
Reduce the fire and cook for 20 minutes. Now remove cooker in the flame.
When the...Read More »

Summer company program helps youth start businesses


Summer company is a organization focused on funding youth ages 15-29 on starting their own business over the summer. Youth are eligible of a max of $3000 in funding. $1500 on startup and $1500 on completion. They are given a mentor to help guide them and help manage the financials....Read More »

Time for Governments to Raise Social Assistance Rates and End Punitive Regulations July 9, 2004

It’s time governments across the country raised welfare rates so people can get out and stay out of poverty, says the National Anti-Poverty Organization in response to the release of the National Council of Welfare Report entitled Welfare Incomes 2003. This recently released report showed that welfare rates continue...Read More »

Minority Government Creates Opportunities for Action on Poverty

The election of a minority Liberal government creates some new opportunities for action on poverty issues in Canada. And NAPO will be working hard in concert with other anti-poverty groups to ensure promises made during the election campaign are turned into reality.

Affordable housing is one issue where we can expect...Read More »

Tax cuts "for the poor" could end up going mostly to the rich warns NAPO

“Tax cuts being considered supposedly to help the poor could end up going mostly to middle and upper income families, ” warned Dennis Howlett, Executive Director of the National Anti-Poverty Organization in an appearance before the Parliamentary Finance Committee on November 17, 2004.

NAPO tabled a paper prepared for them by...Read More »

Relieve energy cost squeeze on the poor

We need long term solutions, not just pre-election one-off response says NAPO

The recent increase in the costs of home heating oil and natural gas as well as the price of gasoline is putting a serious squeeze on low income Canadians – both those on social assistance and those in low-wage...Read More »

NAPO Clarification on GST Tax Cut

The Conservative Party has cited a NAPO discussion paper in support of their GST tax cut proposal to make the case that their plan will help the poor. NAPO has received a number of enquiries about whether we endorse the Conservative GST tax cut proposal and is therefore issuing this...Read More »

Avoid a claw back by delivering the Choice in Child Care Allowance through the Child Tax Benefit

By Dennis Howlett, Executive Director, National Anti-Poverty Organization

There is a danger the Conservative ’s Choice in Child Care Allowance could be clawed-back by some provincial governments from some of the poorest families, namely those receiving social assistance.

As a recent commentary paper by Ken Battle from the Caledon Institute of Social...Read More »

Canada fails to meet economic and social rights obligations, United Nations told

Canada is going backwards on its commitments to implement the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, a network of Canadian non-governmental organizations say in presentations they will make to a UN Committee on May 1.

Though Canada is one of the wealthiest nations in the world with low unemployment...Read More »


Too good to be true

We should be suspicious of offers that are too good to be true. The recent Conservative budget is a case in point. Thousands of dollars in “tax credits” would seem to be a good thing. But on careful examination, Canadians will discover that not only do...Read More »

Work and Wages Fact Sheet


Work, Wages and Youth Fact Sheet

If you are earning minimum wage, you are likely living in poverty or you are at risk of living in poverty. That is not good at all! He are some statistic for the unemployement rate in Canada. At NAPO. We are working lowering...Read More »