Why YOU need an eyebrow stamp.

Genetics suck! Not everyone gets beautiful and voluminous eyebrows. As you grow older, your eyebrows get thinner and thinner. It can be a huge frustration for women to get the perfect eyebrows.  But worry no more! There is a solution: The eyebrow stamp.

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There multiple solutions out there, such as stencil. You place the stencil over your eyebrow and color it in with a special brow pencil. Though very cheap, it can be messy and very time-consuming. These stencils generally go for about $20.

Another solution to thin eyebrows is eyebrow serums. I do not recommend this as eyebrow serums take weeks to months to start working, and they don’t always work. But they are great when used in a combination with another solution such as the stencil or stamp. It is recommended that you apply it multiple times a day for months. It can become very costly.

A brow primer is also a very good solution and very cheap at around $10.

But none of these products can beat the eyebrow stamp. The stamp is very easy to use. It comes in 3 different colors, gray, light brown, and dark brown. The stamp also comes in 2 different sizes, one curved, and the other straight. This ensures that the stamp will work for anybody and shape eyebrow. The brow stamp can be purchased from discountdolphin.com


That concludes my review on the different solutions for increasing the volume on your eyebrows.

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